Lessons in Developing a Miracle Consciousness

Miracles are living educational tools, and are unlike any teaching tools we were taught to use for physical learning. Miracles are the means to reach the higher frequency defined by Pure Love. Because the Living Language of the Universe is Pure Love, learning to make use of miracles to communicate the Universal Language of Love for us is essential for our survival, as well as the survival of our world. Miracles use the vibrations of our words to help us communicate with a higher degree of integrity. When the words we speak are in alignment with miracles, they are honest and without malice. It is in this space that we experience miracles. Because of the implications of the meaning of the lessons miracles provide, it important to learn how to make consistent use them. In this we will learn the value of our OWN words, and how to use them to change our world.
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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The Dimensional Gap Gets Wider

When we do not have what we want it is because we are not in the same space where what we want can be found. Getting to this space is what I believe I have to do in time to get what I want. For most of us this amounts to working hard, but not always. For some working means figuring out a way to take what belongs to someone else, so this individual can have it for themselves. This is a deceptive way the ego uses the Inner-Sense through force and manipulation. Because deception is how the ego forces and manipulates to get the Inner-Sense to deceive, this must be Universally corrected. All Inner-Sense is protected by Higher Justice. It is for this reason that we can immediately access our Inner Rights, if we so choose. An Inner Right will always override the physical justice our world looks to for correcting inappropriate behavior. But the higher integrity that required to embrace the Higher Right to Higher Justice is not a collective memory. The connection of the Inner Sense of Higher Justice has been severed by deception and must be repaired. This calls for collective conscious correction.

There are so many things in our world that must be corrected, that it would be impossible to mention everything here. The greatest problem our world faces is making better use of time. Because time is also defined as the 4th dimension, it is not under the jurisdiction of physical law. It falls under the protection of the Higher Laws that protect natural science. That our world believes it can redefine natural science and destroy it for 3rd dimensional value is a misconception. The Higher Laws that protect the 4th dimension also protect the Universe, and the Universe is much bigger than our world.

The 3rd dimension began because of an error that occurred in the 4th dimension. Although dimensional science did not begin until this mistake occurred. In order to protect our world from completely destruction by Higher Law, an allotted time was Universally provided, which would allow our world an attempt to work out the Universal mistake that had been made. Thus, the 3rd dimension was born. The 3rd dimension was born after the flood of Noah's day. Although our world appeared to have dominion over the 4th dimension, nothing was further from the truth. The error that was born when the mistake was made separated time, or the 4th dimension, from the space where people occupied the 3rd dimension. For the past 6000 years, our world has attempted to "make up" this time by doing something to correct the error. Of course, all of this has been done at a very unconscious level.

So, here we are, still at the 3rd dimensional level, and time is slipping away, even further than it was 6000 years ago. So profound is the necessity for correction, if action is not taken, our world will fall into the gap that is ever present and widening at an alarming rate.
It is obvious that this problem cannot be fixed by the people in our world without Universal Help. For one thing, physical science has not yet figured our that this is the problem. Secondly, even if it did, it would have no idea how to fix it.

It appears that our world owns the problem, but we do not have the ability to fix it because we do not know how to join time and space together by bridging the gap without doing something. Obviously, anything we physically do will not fix this gap. Also, because everything we do anymore only adds to the problem, it is time to chose again. The only way you can own problem is if you have missed something and have not figured out that you are also part of the solution. Our world OWNS  10% of the collective consciousness that defines the whole Universe. This is why physical science states that we only use 10% of the mind resources that we actually have access to. Even though 10% of the energy that defines the Universe is huge, without the other 90% of conscious dimensional understanding necessary to fix our problem, we will keep moving towards the dimensional gap between the 3rd and 4th dimension, and eventually fall into it.

The fact that everything in our world appears to be broken, including the ability of our laws to fix even small problems, should set off bells and whistles within our mind that we cannot continue to look towards what we looked at in the past to fix a world that must consciously evolve if its people are to survive.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Saving Time and Money with Miracles

As far as most people are concerned, the 2 most important resources they have are defined as time and money. Having access to money allows people to spend their time doing something worthwhile, or what is important to them. This means spending time with their children, or working on a creative project. The problem is, most people do not have enough of either.

Because people spend so much time and money doing things just to survive, the talents we were born with, which would make our world a better place to live, are being wasted on efforts that do not serve higher value. Everyone knows that just working for money does not fulfill the inner desire to share a higher purpose. This is why we say that money cannot buy happiness. This is true, but what it could do if we did not have to spend so much time working hard for it, would be to spend our time and money working to share the joy that comes from living a happy life when one is fulfilling their higher purpose.

The physical laws that govern our world do not support spending time or money on producing results that would be beneficial for the individual, or even for that matter,  people in general. Physical laws are being used to keep the people in subjection to the lesser god that dictates how our time and money should be spent, which supports those who have the power because they are in control of the money. The little bit of time that most people have access to being spent in fear. Fear of loss of money, leads to fear of losing ones home, fear of hunger, fear of not being able to provide for children, and fear that the law is going to take even more value away because of the laws that do not protect the people; but instead protect corporations and institutions that the people need to prove that they have the right and are worthy of what they are asking for.Time and money can be used in a much more productive manner, but not according to the laws that govern the world now. Something else has to be added to shift the burden away from the direction our world is headed in. More taxes, and taking away the Rights that protect the people will not solve the problem. Something else is needed.

Einstein said that problems cannot be solved at the same level they are occurring. Thus, asking a physical law to "fix" the problems of everyday people will only add to the burden that has fallen on the shoulders of the people. The people quite literally, do not have access to the time or the money necessary to fix the world, and the physical laws that are supposed to protect the people are now being used to exploit them. This is not justice, it is insanity.

The burden that physical laws have imposed have fallen on the shoulders of the people, but the people do not have the answers. Instead, they are being asked to sacrifice what they do not have. Homes have been lost, children go hungry, and the high price for war continues to be paid. Is there something wrong with this?

How can you give what you do not have? The people are asking the government for help, and the government is dumping the problem right back on the people. This is not the fault of the people. The cause of the problem is greed. This is the same problem that caused the downfall of civilizations since the beginning of time. At the end of the money, time ran out. The difference is this; the problem is now a global one. What happens when the whole world runs out of money? Because we believe that time is money, what if there is no more money? Would this not be the end of time as the Mayan Calendar had predicted? We are about to find out.

There is another way.

Changing the value of time and money means that the people must be willing to give time and money a new kind of integrity. This is not integrity our world understands, because it never had access to it. It is integrity that is Universal in its approach, and without the greedy value that is customarily associated with money or time. Universal integrity must be learned. Even though our Universal Rights give us immediate access to the higher value of integrity, we have no idea what this means. Thus, the meaning of time and money must change. The space that is being provided for this kind of learning is being provided Universally. Every time a lesson of higher integrity is learned, this value will be placed into this empty space. As greed and deceptions are removed from personal value, higher integrity takes its place.

The Universal Plan to make use of a new purpose for the value of time and money is called One Wholeness Now. Only miracles that have been specifically assigned for redefining time and money will be allowed into this empty space. The good news is this, the people will be learning to work with miracles so they can be applied consistently to change the value of the time and money spent. This is value that will serve the people perfectly, and without sacrifice to anyone.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Physical History vs Spiritual History

All history is actually the study of scientific value. This is true of both physical and spiritual history. Although the conclusions appear to tell different stories about the evolution of the Universe, the truth is, they rely on different values of time to define the information.
Physical history deals with the evolution of the physical body, which took millions of years to evolve into the human form we experience now, while spiritual history deals with the evolution of consciousness. The study of the body is dependent on digging up pieces of  evidence, or pieces of the past, which proves our reality is defined by the past. By finding enough evidence to substantiate why the past existed, it is believed a whole picture will eventually be put together and the secrets of the Universe will be revealed. This way of learning will give meaning to physical life and eventually the whole Universe.
Spiritual history begins from another premise. Because it has never relied on past evidence to define a story,  it presents evidence that is timeless in nature. It does this by remaining neutral as far as the past is concerned. The story may be repeated, but it repeats the same lesson over and over again until it is appreciated and understood in the present. Within the present is the only space where the lesson can be learned now. It is here that truth is revealed.
By never attempting to prove or disprove physical evidence, spiritual history only supports the never ending Universal story. It does not find value in a past error, and never looks there to interpret present value. Instead the lesson carries the whole timeless value in a timeless whole understanding. Within this understanding the whole value of the lesson is revealed. It does not require past evidence to teach the lesson, as does physical history. Thus, the value of the lesson is within the learner, not the physical evidence that is buried in the past.
The past cannot teach lessons now, because consciousness is not there. Timeless Universal value can only be understood consciously. This is consciousness that is invisible to physical history because it is looking examining the something else that ended a long time ago. The past has no value in the timeless present. Its only value comes from analyzing the past, which will eventually prove that Now is the only aspect of time that is real.

Spiritual history is a  living story that does not depend on a beginning or an end, or dates that define a period. Instead of inviting the learner to study the past, it invites the learner to be a participant in their OWN story Now. Thus, the learner becomes one with the evidence of the truth as it is revealed, instead of being separate from it. Spiritual history is a living testament that offers Universal outcomes that are timeless and joyous. The people of the world who have awakened consciously are the Ones who witness to, and offer testimony to this fact. No matter how many times the story is told, the joyous outcome remains the same. By becoming a living witness in a timeless chapter, it eventually becomes evident that learning from the past is unnecessary, and also a waste of time.
Physical science would have us believe that by understanding the past, mistakes made in the past can be rectified. The problem with this theory is that this just has not happened. There is still hunger, disease, war, hate, injustice, class distinctions, and the list goes on. .
The story of our world is not one that can be explained or understood by simply accepting the scientific explanation for physical evolution. By throwing out the explanation of spiritual history a huge gap has been left in understanding. We are not simply physical beings. If we were, we would only be concerned with survival. We have learned that we help those that cannot help themselves. We do not leave them in the wild for wolves to eat. But even at this, many of the problems still remain because of the gap between spiritual and physical understanding.
Even though we are no longer living in a world that dictates fight or flight, or survival of the fittest, we still carry the unnecessary program, left over from physical evolution. Whereas the people that populated the Earth in the past were not capable of global destruction, we are. Thus, even though war is no longer necessary, the body program that taught survival of the fittest still remains. What this means is that people will continue to war as was learned in the past until this body programed condition is undone. Only consciously learning a Universal spiritual lesson in the Now can end a physical program that no longer has any value.
Physical history relives the past because it does not comprehend what it means to live in the present. People attempt to live in the present, but individually we still get angry and become fearful of someone taking something from us, so we still war even though even though we do not want to believe that war is the answer. The reason we can't get beyond physical war, is because we still find value in the past, which is full of it. What you study, you find value in. When we stop studying why there was war, we will stop supporting it in the now. This lesson is simple, but not easy. War is a generational lesson learned from the past. If we had a conscious new beginning, war would not be part of the structured settlement, and would never be considered.
Attempting to retrace our steps to learn spiritual value in the Now can not be done by mixing past value in the present. The physical past is filled with spiritual violations that are not even considered to be part of the present problem. The past is filled with false value that has infested our world for future generations. Time has run out for the time allotted to dig up the past to define the future. It is time to begin again.
The future belongs to miracles, which work in the present. Miracles are a learning device that teach us that we are One with the living unending story written in the Heavens. Miracles give us access to our personal story by presenting us with an alternative to past learning mistakes.
The next step in conscious evolution will involve filling in the gap between physical and spiritual history. Building a bridge across time from the past to the present is the purpose of miracles. Hang on. We have only just begun.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Can Science Define Miracles?

Everyone wants a miracle, even if you believe that miracles are nothing more than an exceptional  random event that happened to turn out in your favor. Whether you believe in miracles, or a random event, wouldn't it be advantages to become more proficient in making miracles happen, or having a random event happen in your life  more often?
Because this is a blog about miracles, it would not be helpful or honest to define miracles as a random event that could be explained away by a scientific analysis. Because we are more than a physical body, the exploration and study of miracles must come from the notion that we are "more than" a physical body. This will involve learning to appreciate and understand whole science, natural science, Universal science, Omniscience, or elemental science. The idea that we are more than a body means that we have access to unlimited power, but reaching this power must come through miracles, and the way to reach miracles is through consciousness. Not consciousness the way it is defined scientifically, but Universal consciousness. This is the only real relationship we have with elemental or whole science, but it is a relationship we have ceased to cultivate because of our obsession with the body. Learning to develop consciousness to a higher level or frequency of integrity will involve learning how to use miracles as learning devices. It is useless to attempt to use a physical science approach to understand miracles, simply for the fact that the difference between whole science and fragmented science are completely different. Fragmented science seeks to understand the Universe through analysis, while whole science defines it. Attempting to compare fragmented science with whole science will only confuse you and undo the miracle response that you are hoping for. Hope for the world falls under the direction of an Internal Universally Inspired Voice that speaks for Pure Love, along the miracle learning device this Inspiration uses to teach the lessons. Look at it this way; teachers that provide a physical education use books to impress the brain. A Universal education uses miracles. Miracles impress consciousness to move outside of the mind/brain/body to embrace a higher frequency. After a while it will be easier to relate to this higher frequency by consciously developing a relationship with higher integrity through the miracle learning device.

Miracles are not made of physical matter, they are made of spiritual matter.  In other words, miracles are not considered to be a matter of material fact. For this reason, physically analyzing them will not make you a consistent learning. It will confuse and conflict you. The purpose of miracles is to address consciousness, which is the knowing frequency level of understanding. This knowing level is the "more than" the body, or the study of physical matter, or the fragmented science used to explain the purpose of the Universe. There is much more and with the help of miracles the collective consciousness of our world will begin to open to the same Language of Love that the Universe speaks. Imagine communicating at this level of awareness and being able to personally hear and understand Universal secrets. All this and more is being offered to the people of our world.
Let it be perfectly clear that a science that uses belief to assign reality through brain analysis cannot interpret what it has not learned.  In other words, because the study of matter defines fragmented love, how can it define Pure Love? M
Miracles are beyond belief, and the study of matter cannot determine consciousness. It was determined before our world began. This connection we continue to have access to, and it is time to begin to learn how to restore its function. Even though the vast majority of our world does not understand, there have been times when the mind has slipped into the silence, and this indeed is a miracle. The problem is, we are not consistent in our efforts because we have not learned how..
How long did it take whole science, or Omniscience to invent a miracle? How was this done? Because the purpose of miracles is to allow us to redefine all fragmented material value into a value that will be protected by whole science, the invention of the miracle is so awesome it denies brain logic.
In our world we invent material things. Science is attempting to crack the DNA code, but once it does there will be hell to pay. Not because the purpose of DNA is being withheld from science, but because science does not see through the eyes of Pure Love. Without the integrity of Pure Love, the DNA code will be used for purposes it was never designed for. Just like splitting the atom. Once it was split, it became a weapon that had the potential to ultimately destroy the world. This is not the purpose of the atom. It's purpose is to be helpful.
Everything in the Universe is helpful, but fragmented science perceives a chaotic Universe. Chaos only exists in the mind of the one who analyzes through chaotic vision. This is not Universal vision, it is insanity.
Miracles are Universal living learning devices that want to offer our world the opportunity to link the material value in our world to the e-motional value found in Universal Consciousness. In other worlds, the material value that we have made is not protected by the Laws that protect Living Matter. This includes all plant and animal life. The things we have made to provide a comfortable living are not protected by Living Law, although we consciously accept the things we have made as having value. If our world was left without the comforts that we have made, the people of the world would fall into fear and be devastated. Learning to give everything we OWN a new miracle interpretation will allow all material value to be recognized by the Living Laws that protect the Universe. This will change everything our world believes it understands and give it a more Universal interpretation.
There is a lot to learn, and little to do. But doing little is the problem. Because everything we have learned from physical science is that working hard will get us results and rewards. Even though we know this is not necessarily the case, we believe this and so continue to work hard to get our value. Miracles teach a new kind of value. This value is not about working hard, it is about learning how to do nothing to have what is already rightfully yours. If you are the treasure, how can working hard make you more worthy of a treasure?
So can science define miracles? You be the one to decide. Because the next step in learning about "being more" than a physical body will embrace whole science, it is important to leave a space open in the mind for miracles, just in case fragmented science is wrong.

Note: Now, if you think this is difficult to understand, try explaining it. This is the assignment I agreed to before I entered this world. It hasn't been an easy journey, but here I am. I am not going away. I will keep speaking the words that I have been Universally Inspired to use. I will explain the purpose of miracles over and over again until something breaks through old conscious fearful programming into new miracle interpretations. This will lead to miracle programming, this is the only program that is Universally accepted, and the next step in conscious evolution.