Lessons in Developing a Miracle Consciousness

Miracles are living educational tools, and are unlike any teaching tools we were taught to use for physical learning. Miracles are the means to reach the higher frequency defined by Pure Love. Because the Living Language of the Universe is Pure Love, learning to make use of miracles to communicate the Universal Language of Love for us is essential for our survival, as well as the survival of our world. Miracles use the vibrations of our words to help us communicate with a higher degree of integrity. When the words we speak are in alignment with miracles, they are honest and without malice. It is in this space that we experience miracles. Because of the implications of the meaning of the lessons miracles provide, it important to learn how to make consistent use them. In this we will learn the value of our OWN words, and how to use them to change our world.
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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Coping with Overwhelming Emotion

Understanding life comes from a co-operative effort between the mind/body/spirit. Harmony within the mind/body/spirit requires consciousness. Consciousness has been left underdeveloped and has been placed in subjection to intellectual analysis because its power is not understood, and therefore is being used to define what is not wanted, instead of what is wanted.

 We have not really been taught what consciousness is, and thus have placed an inferior interpretation on what it is for.  We understand that consciousness gives us the ability to be self aware, but this self awareness comes from brain activity, when in fact consciousness is multi dimensional. It is this ability that gives us the ability to think outside of the box. What is the box? It is the brain.

The brain cannot identify or analyze emotional content correctly. Our internal senses were created for this purpose. When natural emotions are consciously placed under the direction of brain analysis, the outcome is internal conflict, which is experienced as body anxiety.
We are consciously confused and conflicted because we believe we are responsible for coming to some kind of resolution for an internal conflict, but most conflicts emerge before the age of 5, or before we had the ability to logically assess an experience. When we cannot emotionally understand the experience, we place our emotions under the care of intellectual analyses. This does not resolve the problem because before we are 5 we do not have the ability to be emotionally logical. Attempting to intellectually analyze the emotions that have been inadvertently been placed under the direction of the intellect only leads to frustration and more intensity. Until the sensory deprived emotion has been consciously realigned with the sensory perception, the mind/body/spirit will be in conflict.

Because consciously undoing the damage done to sensory perception takes time to learn, it is necessary to consciously understand how to move around the intellect and restore the natural condition of peace, which will integrate the mind/body/spirit. Although this will not fix the problem, it does give us a way to find peace in the midst of turmoil. This involves learning how to consciously take control of both our emotions and intellectual analysis, and then move in another direction that we have consciously chosen. This places us consciously in control of the mind/body/spirit, instead of the conflict between the three controlling us.
Because we unconsciously believe we are at the mercy of unwanted emotions, we  attempt to reason our emotions away when it would be simpler to reason away our intellectual analysis of our emotions. Because we are sensory beings first, and our emotions are part of our senses, protecting our emotional integrity is an honest conscious choice. Because intellectual analysis involves emotional deception, this will cause internal conflict.

Monday, February 20, 2012


It is often said, if you want to change your life, you must change your mind. The problem I have always had with this is that I was not sure what I should change my mind to.  There are so many choices, and not all choices lead to what is really wanted. In fact some choices are made that will actually lead an individual away from what they want.

Making a good choice is the best way of making a change in life, but most people make their choices based on what they do not want, instead of what they do want. This is because of the way we feel about what we do not want.

Because our 5 senses are dependent on each other to determine a choice that we make, once a feeling choice is made about what we do not want, all of our senses are aligned with this choice. Believe it or not, by aligning our senses with what we do not want, we get more of it.
When we were born we did not come with an instruction manual. This left our ability to learn in the hands of people who were subject to what they didn't want.

We were born sensory beings. This means we had the ability to wholly sense, or use our senses as one. This gave us the natural ability to feel the emotional impact of actions and reactions of those who we looked to for our well-being and love. Choices that were made for us, if they were based on fear, guilt, anger, or were inconsistent, were impressed in our psyche through our inno-sense, or the ability to wholly sense.

We are a product of who taught us the early lessons in life, and many of the choices we make now are based on what we sensed or picked up on before the we learned it was possible to make our own choices. The belief that we cannot make a choice to have what we want in our life is just a belief, and beliefs can change. But our ability to make another choice will never change. We entered the world with it.

The evolutionary shift in consciousness is one that will focus on learning how to make better choices and decisions.  Because it is time to look at our decisions and choices, it is also time to look at how we are emotionally attached to what we do not want. Because it is our emotions that direct our choices, it is important to look at what is the emotional payoff is for making a choice that leads to what we do not want.

We have the God given Right to be happy. When we were exposed to a mother or father early in life that was depressed or unhappy, we will believe this is natural, and feeling happy will be alien to us.  We will know that something is wrong, but we will not be able to put our finger on what it is.
When we are not happy, generally we want to change our outer circumstances.  We mistakenly believe that if someone else would change, this would make our life better. But the problem is not out there, it is in here, and no amount of changing someone or something else will fix us. The problem lies in the choice not to be happy, which may or may not have been made before we could make this choice for ourselves. Thus, a sensory/emotional shift would be necessary, which would allow us to see what the problem really is. By recognizing the problem lies in choice, and not in the outer world, this places us back in control of our own destiny.

Being happy means that a correction in the application of what is appreciated must be addressed.  When we focus on what we do not want, believe it or not, it is a form of appreciation. Because what we appreciate we love, and what we love we receive more of, it is important to recognize where our appreciation lies. Because appreciation and understanding come together as one, a new choice for what is appreciated is called for. This shift in awareness will begin to place us in charge of our own life.

Friday, February 10, 2012

The Unconscious Miracle

Most people believe in miracles, but the Universe is not captivated by the belief in miracles that people are. This is because belief does not sustain the Universe, but neither do miracles.

Miracles are the Universal means to consciously move belief into faith. Once belief has been given to faith, miracles happen. If belief is not given to faith, miracles do not happen.

Faith is the substance of things hoped for. What everyone is hoping for is what they believe will make them happy. When we believe we know already know what will make us happy, and refuse to give up what we believe to faith, miracles will not happen. However, if we we are willing to release our belief in happiness to faith, a miracle will translate our personal belief into a higher frequency, where hope can be translated into truth, and delivered back to us.

The problem is we do not speak or understand the Universal Language of Love. We believe in love, but we do not understand it because we do not speak within the same frequency that Love speaks. If we did, we would not need a miracle to explain the substance of our hope in terms that we could not express through personal belief. This is the purpose of miracles; to explain what we do not know how to explain because our belief does not vibrate within the same frequency that Love does.
Miracles always happen, even if what is happening does not seem to be a miracle. Just passing through a green light and trusting that the person who has the red light will stop is a miracle. Sometimes we do not even remember stopping at a red light, but something remembers for us. This is the miracle. When we are not consciously in control, of our experience, then something else must be. This is the unconscious miracle.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

The Dimensional Veil Across Time

When our world separated from higher dimensions, a Universal veil was drawn across the 4th dimension, which separated our world, or the 3rd dimension, from higher dimensions. After the flood this veil could clearly be observed in the sky. It is called a rainbow.

Held within the rainbow are memories of ancient civilizations that held the inner knowledge of the Universe, until greed and vanity began to overshadow this inner knowing. Also within this ancient wisdom is the Universal Language defined as Love, as well as the information necessary to live in a virtual society, or in the Now, the only aspect of time that is real.

Once the error occurred, a Universal correction had to be made. This offense occurred 6000 years ago, and our world is the outcome of this error. It is Now time to undo this error so our world, and the people who live on the Planet Earth, can take their rightful place and be recognized as One with the Wholeness of the Universe.

It is important to remember that this error was so profound it changed Universal dynamics, in that the Universe became divided by separate and distinct dimensions. The dimension that our world was submitted to, as well as the Planet Earth, was used as a means of Universal correction for the error of greed and vanity.

Time was Universally rewound to make a means to redefine physical existence. By rewinding time it was possible to give the world another interpretation, which explained the primitive physical nature of evolution. This is called the physical history of the world. Once primitive man had evolved to the highest degree of integrity that was humanly possible, consciousness was reintroduced. Thus, the spiritual history of the world began. The stories in the Bible relate to the conscious evolution of humanity. The confusion that emerges between the 2 evolutionary points of view obviously come from 2 different systems of value.

If you fast forward to the 20th Century, piercing the veil that existed in the 4th dimension, which separated our world from higher dimensions, was necessary so our world could reclaim its rightful position in the Universe.

Because everything that happens dimensionally is also programmed into consciousness to happen at an appointed time, specifically, at the appointed time the sound barrier was broken and information from higher dimensions began to trickle into the 4th dimension, and also into the 3rd dimensional memories that applied directly to body memory.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

The Universal Language Barrier

Please follow link below to read The Universal Language Barrier

The Universal Language Barrier

Repairing the Inner-Sense

Another word for Inner-Sense is innocence. Innocence is honest, although in this world innocence is considered being naive'. Inno-Sense, or Inner-Sense is defined by wholeness. It does not seek deceptive practices to get its own way. Deception is how we force or manipulate, or both, to get what we perceive as a need met. Deception we learn at a very early age. It begins early in life, and as we become consciously familiar with the practice of how deception works to get what we want, we learn to become an excellent student in the art of deception.

Contrary to what we have been taught, innocence is not born with the ability to manipulate. When a baby is born, they cry because they want love, attention, or are hungry. When these basic Rights are not provided by the parents, the baby has to find another way to get what they need. Thus, they learn that crying is a means to manipulate to get their Right to Love fulfilled.

Babies are born with free will. Although this free will has not yet been defined in physical terms. However, it has been defined in Universal terms. A Universal interpretation of free will is the natural ability to direct consciousness towards a healthy outcome, which serves the greater good of the whole. As a baby begins to use manipulative or use forceful references to get what they want when they feel what they want is being withheld from them, these references become mind/body memories. A mind/body memory is defined as self awareness, or constitutes a shift in innocent wholeness, to a fragmented external reference. All fragmented references are external because they deny access to the Inner-Sense that innocence is born with. It is the Inner-Sense that naturally gives us access to the Higher Laws, which can at any instant override the physical laws that govern inappropriate behavior. What is inappropriate behavior? It is behavior that uses force and manipulation through deception to get what it now believes is a basic need met.

People will murder, molest, war, steal, and do anything that they can be justify to get what they believe is rightfully theirs. Inappropriate behavior will not occur until it is internally justified. Because justice and justification share the same roots, an inappropriate right to justice will spark inappropriate behavior. It is for this reason only that our world is filled with injustice. The solution is correction, not punishment. But our world does not understand how to restore Higher Justice because it does not remember how to perceive the Inner-Sense that connected us to whole value when we were born. This Inner-Sense is called innocence.